Durability and Safety Redefined by 2018 Ram 1500

In Overland Park, we tend to have durability, safety and reliability as priorities with our vehicles. We’re down to earth, practical people here and we know that the safety of our families and the ability to count on our vehicles to withstand our busy lives full of hard work far outweigh most other decisions.

People here have been counting on Dodge for this peace of mind and practicality for decades, and for good reason. The Ram 1500 exemplifies durability in the 21st century, with dynamic crumple zones and side supports that have you prepared for even the roughest unfortunate circumstances. Meanwhile, the antilock brakes can handle constant stopping power even with heavy loads, so you can be sure those brakes are always in solid working order, and the steel frame doesn’t give under even the toughest conditions.

Come on over to Reed Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram today for a test drive!

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